Civic Center Drive NW 0.44 mi W/O US 63 NS F/W Media

Civic Center Drive NW 0.44 mi W/O US 63 NS F/W

Rochester, 55901

Inventory ID 11098

Media type : Bulletin

Listed Available : Aug 23, 2021

Market : Rochester MN

Weekly impressions: 94,480

Price*: Call (866) 499-3334

Minimum term : 4 weeks

Facing : w

Read : Left

Panel Size : 12'x50'

Illuminated : Y

* Alluvit Estimate. Rates vary based on market factors.

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A to Z Service

FREE Creative: In-house creative design team available upon request at no additional cost. We also have spec sheets and templates available for all boards.

Production: A one-time production cost of $2.75 per sq. ft applies to all static boards unless otherwise noted. Production time is approximately two weeks from approval of final design proof.

Proof of Performance: Once your campaign goes live, we will send you a glam photo of your board for sharing on social media, your company website, etc.