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Billboards for Healthcare Advertising

Healthcare billboards can attract new customers who can benefit from your services. Get in touch so we can help launch your healthcare billboard campaign.

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As a healthcare provider, you make an impact in your community through your products and services. The more people you can reach the better.

Billboards for healthcare advertising spread the word about how you can help the wider public. Many medical groups from various backgrounds have experienced a surge in patients after using healthcare billboards from dentists to therapists to medical insurance companies. Healthcare ads drive awareness of what you offer and ultimately benefit the community.

What are the Benefits of Billboards for Healthcare Advertising?

The healthcare industry is facing increasing pressure to be more cost competitive. It makes sense that advertising may get sidelined so that expenses can be allocated elsewhere, but it's counterproductive. Healthcare billboards are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising when you look at cost per impression count.

Clinics, dental centers, wellness studios, drug rehab facilities are among the most common healthcare advertisers. They've all seen an uptick in patients after investing in billboard healthcare advertising. Attracting more patients brings in more revenue, which empowers you to enhance your services and advertise them. It's a positive feedback loop.

Healthcare billboards are impossible to miss. They’re large, typically appear along major highways, and are directly in a passer’s field of vision. Unlike social media ads or email marketing, healthcare ads on billboards are difficult to ignore. They're not obnoxious like pop-up digital ads can be.

Chances are that tons of people could benefit from your services, but sometimes people don’t know where to look. Healthcare billboards get right in front of potential patients. Healthcare advertising on billboards gives you an advantage over groups that offer similar services and don’t incorporate billboards into their marketing strategy.

Why Choose Alluvit Media for Healthcare Billboards?

At Alluvit Media, we have plenty of experience working with healthcare providers from diverse backgrounds. We streamline the entire healthcare advertising process because we respect your time. We're communicative from start to finish and even beyond. From presenting you with billboards in your target area to securing the best fit and helping you design your ad, we keep things running smoothly.

Our in-house design team is available free of charge to craft an attention-grabbing healthcare ad bound to engage potential patients. We’re here to make your healthcare advertising vision a reality.

Most importantly, we’re transparent about costs so you’re not surprised with added fees when it comes time to sign a contract. We work hard to ensure we’re getting you the best rates and make an effort to work within your budget. If you’re ready to promote your healthcare group, get in touch and we’ll send you a custom proposal including available billboard locations and pricing.

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How to Rent a Billboard

Renting a billboard is similar to renting an apartment. Some are available right away, some are occupied for the next six months or a year.

  1. Determine your campaign goals. Are you looking to direct people to your physical location? Are you recruiting? Do you want to advertise your services? Narrowing in on your goal helps develop a clear path for measuring success.
  2. Pick a location based on the campaign goals. Consider where would be most effective for reaching your target audience. Is it most strategic to display your ad along the highway or is a major intersection or side road a smarter move?
  3. Decide on a timeframe and budget. We’ll find the best options for your desired start date, billboard campaign length, and budget.
  4. Review your custom proposal with all available billboards. We use your campaign criteria to formulate a thorough proposal including images and exact location.
  5. Select the best options and prepare for launch! Send us your design or have our in-house designer create an eye-catching ad for your billboard. When your start date rolls around, watch your campaign go live.

Ready To Create a Campaign?

Billboards require a certain level of assistance. We're here to help.

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