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Billboards for Nonprofit Advertising

Non profit billboard advertising is a cost-efficient and effective way to promote your organization. Build awareness through your non profit ad campaign.

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Nonprofit advertising is a necessity for more successful fundraising, raising awareness, and educating the public. Every nonprofit worker knows that getting funding for advertising and marketing can be an uphill battle. So when your nonprofit advertising grant gets approved, it’s important to make the most of every dollar.

That’s why nonprofit billboard advertising is your best bet. With billboards for nonprofit advertising, you can maximize your budget and ensure that your message reaches the broader community. Countless nonprofits have made an impact both in the community and for their organization through OOH media.

Benefits of Billboard Advertising for Nonprofits

Billboards are an excellent nonprofit advertising tool. Nonprofit organizations of all types have been using billboards to attract attention, beginning as early as the 1980s. It's a way to reach as many people as possible and evoke a response that encourages them to act.

Nonprofit advertising can be tricky because your budget may be tight. Fortunately, nonprofit billboard advertising enables you to launch an ad campaign without exceeding your funds. You're provided a range of rates depending on location and additional factors so you can make the decision that's right for you.

When compared to other forms of nonprofit advertising, billboards tend to have the highest impression count. Many are situated alongside major highways and are lit so as to be visible at all times. It’s possible to reach tens of thousands of people in just a week.

Consider using nonprofit billboard advertising as part of your marketing strategy for increasing organization recognition, raising funds through sponsorships or donations, and making new connections with potential volunteers or donors who might not know about you yet!

Nonprofit Billboard Advertising with Alluvit Media

We’ve partnered with dozens of nonprofit organizations to launch successful nonprofit advertising campaigns. When it comes to nonprofit billboard advertising, we’re happy to help nonprofits new to billboard advertising and seasoned organizations that are familiar with the process.

No matter your previous advertising experience, we provide guidance on advertising for nonprofits. We supply you with a straightforward proposal that you can easily present to members of your organization for approval or insight. The advertisers we’ve worked with often return to us to run subsequent campaigns given their positive outcomes.

In some instances, we’re able to extend discounted rates to nonprofits. While it’s dependent on supply and demand in any given market, we do our best to secure the most inexpensive and strategically located billboards. We offer free design services and will create effective designs based on your vision and preferences.

Advertising for nonprofits doesn’t have to be riddled with stress. A billboard can significantly boost your organization and the rental and launch process can be seamless. After all, nonprofit advertising is about effecting change and billboards empower you to amplify your message in the loudest way possible.

Contact us today to kickstart your nonprofit advertising campaign. We’ll turn around a free custom proposal including available locations and pricing in your target area.

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How to Rent a Billboard

Renting a billboard is similar to renting an apartment. Some are available right away, some are occupied for the next six months or a year.

  1. Determine your campaign goals. Are you looking to direct people to your physical location? Are you recruiting? Do you want to advertise your services? Narrowing in on your goal helps develop a clear path for measuring success.
  2. Pick a location based on the campaign goals. Consider where would be most effective for reaching your target audience. Is it most strategic to display your ad along the highway or is a major intersection or side road a smarter move?
  3. Decide on a timeframe and budget. We’ll find the best options for your desired start date, billboard campaign length, and budget.
  4. Review your custom proposal with all available billboards. We use your campaign criteria to formulate a thorough proposal including images and exact location.
  5. Select the best options and prepare for launch! Send us your design or have our in-house designer create an eye-catching ad for your billboard. When your start date rolls around, watch your campaign go live.

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