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Political Billboards

Political billboards are an effective campaign advertising tactic. We find you the best options to make an impact. Connect with our OOH experts to learn more.

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Every politician or aspiring politician knows the importance of political advertising. But do they know how impactful political billboards in particular can be? From swaying public opinion to gaining popularity to winning the vote, political campaign advertising can help determine the outcome of an election.

It’s no wonder why political billboards have been among the preferred advertising methods in the 21st century. Their high visibility, significant impression counts, and considerable size make them a no-brainer for effective political advertising.

What are the Benefits of Political Billboards?

Political billboards may not be the first form of advertising that comes to mind when looking to promote your campaign. Lots of people jump to digital ads. However when you take a closer look at the advantages and drawbacks of popular advertising channels including digital means, it becomes clear that political billboards have a leg up.

Social media algorithms can make political campaign advertising tricky since ads may only appear at certain times to certain audiences despite your ad settings. There’s also a high probability that your target audience isn’t using these social media platforms as much as you think. On top of all that, many people have started tuning out ads with ad blockers or eye rolls.

Similarly, email marketing is increasingly ineffective because your political advertising message may end up in a junk folder, be left unread, or met with an immediate unsubscribe. At the end of the day, attention spans are shortening, making any long-form ad less likely to perform well.

Political billboards are large, to the point, and directly in passers’ field of vision. Basically, they’re impossible to miss. Choosing billboards for political advertising ensures that your message is amplified on a large scale. When it comes time to cast their ballots, voters will remember your name.

Why Work with Alluvit Media for Political Billboards?

Around election season, political billboards pop up everywhere. So how do you get your own political advertising to stand out? We’ve worked with dozens of political advertisers to launch successful political advertising campaigns. We work with advertisers through the whole process, offering insight and finding the best options from start to finish. Unlike most other campaigns, political advertising campaigns require pre-approval from operators. We help ensure that your design looks great and gets approved.

From our ability to secure strategic billboard locations to the expertise of our in-house design team, we excel at navigating the intricacies of political campaign advertising. If you’re gearing up for an election or just want to raise awareness about a political issue, get in touch with us to get started. Once you fill out a simple online form, we’ll get back to you with a customized proposal with locations and pricing.

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How to Rent a Billboard

Renting a billboard is similar to renting an apartment. Some are available right away, some are occupied for the next six months or a year.

  1. Determine your campaign goals. Are you looking to direct people to your physical location? Are you recruiting? Do you want to advertise your services? Narrowing in on your goal helps develop a clear path for measuring success.
  2. Pick a location based on the campaign goals. Consider where would be most effective for reaching your target audience. Is it most strategic to display your ad along the highway or is a major intersection or side road a smarter move?
  3. Decide on a timeframe and budget. We’ll find the best options for your desired start date, billboard campaign length, and budget.
  4. Review your custom proposal with all available billboards. We use your campaign criteria to formulate a thorough proposal including images and exact location.
  5. Select the best options and prepare for launch! Send us your design or have our in-house designer create an eye-catching ad for your billboard. When your start date rolls around, watch your campaign go live.

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