Aerial Advertising Guide: Soar Above Competitors

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Aerial advertising depicted by a digital drawing of a small gray and white plane above the clouds pulling an orange banner.

Do you ever feel like your brand’s ads are drowned out by competitors and other digital noise? Maybe you’re frustrated that your online ads aren’t receiving the engagement you’re hoping for due to skipping, ad blocking, or general disinterest. 

It can be discouraging to feel like your advertising campaigns aren’t performing to their full potential… To strengthen your strategy, you may want to think bigger, louder, and higher.

We’re talking about aerial advertising—a unique, larger-than-life form of out-of-home advertising that ensures your message is seen and remembered. As an outdoor media agency, we offer strategic locations around the country and an in-house design team, minimizing costs while maximizing exposure. 

In this guide to aerial advertising, we’ll give you more details on this impactful advertising opportunity. While it may be high in the sky, it’s not out of reach for your brand.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is Aerial Advertising?

Aerial advertising is a dynamic and eye-catching form of out-of-home advertising that involves displaying messages via banners towed by aircraft. Unlike traditional billboards fixed to a specific location, aerial ads move with the flow of people, ensuring high visibility in diverse and strategically important locations such as beaches, highways, and large outdoor events. 

This unique advertising method captures attention due to its novelty and the natural inclination of people to look up at passing aircraft. Aerial advertising not only guarantees that your message won’t be skipped or blocked but also ensures high recall rates, making it a powerful tool in any marketing strategy.

Why Choose Aerial Advertising?

  1. Unmatched Visibility: Aerial banners, often towed by eye-catching yellow planes, guarantee your brand gets noticed. Unlike traditional billboards that rely on foot or vehicle traffic passing by, aerial ads reach people wherever they are.
  2. High Recall Rates: In a survey conducted at Miami Beach, 88% of respondents recalled seeing an aerial ad 30 minutes after it passed, and 79% remembered the exact message. This level of recall is significantly higher than many other advertising mediums.
  3. Guaranteed Impressions: With aerial advertising, there’s no ad-blocking or skipping. Your message is delivered directly and effectively, ensuring high engagement rates.

Integrating Aerial Advertising into Your Marketing Strategy

Studies show that adding out-of-home advertising to your media mix can increase your return on ad spend by 40% and drive four times more online activity per ad dollar spent than any other traditional media form. (Check out our blog post for more interesting advertising facts.)

Aerial campaigns are designed to complement your current media plan, achieving maximum exposure and memorability.

Formats and Customization

With aerial advertising, you’re not limited to one format. You can choose from several customizable formats based on your advertising needs.

Aerial Billboards

Aerial billboards are high-definition, computer-generated replications of your artwork, available in multiple sizes. To get a sense of size variability, consider the following dimensions: 

  • 20’x20′
  • 20’x40′
  • 25’x50′
  • 25’x75′
  • 30’x60′
  • 30’x90′
  • 30’x100′
  • 40’x80′
  • 50’x100′

Logo with Trailing Copy

Printed logos with interchangeable messages in 5-foot or 7-foot pre-printed letters, accommodating up to 35 characters.

Letter Banners

Get straight to the point with customizable messages in 7-foot pre-printed letters, with up to 50 characters.

Durability and Design

Your message is printed on durable materials, allowing reuse for up to 200 hours of flight. Better yet, when you work with Alluvit Media, you gain access to our in-house design team at no additional cost. Our team is skilled at creating effective ads that capture attention and generate engagement.

Strategic Routes for Maximum Exposure

Precision is key in aerial advertising. You have the option to select flight routes that best target your specific audience, considering factors like location, timing, and federal flight regulations. 

Top beaches by annual attendance include:

  • Venice Beach, CA: 16 million 
  • Miami Beach, FL: 15.2 million
  • Coney Island, NY: 11.1 million
  • Newport Beach, CA: 9.4 million
  • Daytona Beach, FL: 8 million

Keep in mind that these numbers spike even higher during holidays and tourist seasons. Since these popular locations see millions of visitors annually, they provide ample opportunities for high-impact advertising. Stretch your ad dollars further by reaching the maximum number of people possible.

Tracking and Proof-of-Performance

To ensure accountability and optimization, planes are equipped with GPS tracking devices. After each campaign, advertisers receive detailed flight reports, offering proof-of-performance and insights for future route optimizations.

How Much Does Aerial Advertising Cost?

The cost of aerial advertising can vary widely based on several factors, making it a flexible option for various marketing budgets. Typically, the price range for aerial advertising depends on: 

  • Size and type of the banner
  • Duration and frequency of the flights
  • Geographical location of the campaign

For instance, a small, single-day flight in a less populated area will cost less than a large, multi-day campaign over a major city or popular beach. Additionally, peak times, such as holidays or major events, may also affect pricing due to higher demand for advertising space.

Get in touch with an Alluvit Media Account Executive to learn more about aerial advertising costs based on your unique needs.

It’s Time for Your Brand to Fly High

Aerial advertising stands out as a powerful tool in the marketing arsenal. With its ability to bypass common ad-blocking techniques and directly engage audiences, it offers unmatched visibility and recall. 

Partner with Alluvit Media to take your brand to new heights—ensuring that your ad is seen, remembered, and acted upon. Whether flying over busy beaches or crowded highways, aerial advertising solutions can deliver results that soar above the rest.