Airport Advertising Guide: 7 Types of Airport Ads

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Types of airport ads depicted by a man in blue with a blue suitcase doing a thumbs up. He is standing in an airport terminal with two large orange signs. A grounded plane is in the background.

Looking for a bustling and diverse hub with a wide selection of out-of-home placement opportunities, areas of high dwell time, and an affluent audience? Airport advertising checks all those boxes.

Airport advertising gives brands the opportunity to engage with travelers in meaningful ways through an array of different formats. Even more, research shows that a significant portion of frequent flyers recall and act upon ads they see at the airport. More brands are recognizing the power of advertising in airports, making it a keystone of many marketing campaigns.

With a variety of formats, high engagement rates, and surprisingly cost-effective options, airport advertising is an excellent choice for businesses of any size or type. We created this airport advertising guide to help you better understand the types of airport ads out there.

Because every airport is different, types of airport ads vary. If you have a specific airport in mind and want to learn more about what’s available, get in touch with one of our Media Coordinators.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this guide:

7 Types of Airport Advertisements

The following list is not comprehensive. Available options and specifications vary based on the selected airport.

Digital Displays – Baggage Claim 

Baggage claim areas are a high-demand advertising location because of the high dwell time as travelers wait for their luggage. Digital ads run on a cycle — for example, a 10 second spot that appears approximately every 4-5 minutes. There is no additional cost for updating content at any time.

Backlit Dioramas

These back-illuminated static units can be seen throughout the terminals in arrivals, departures, and baggage claim areas. With dioramas, your brand is given 100% share of voice (SoV). Sizes vary.


These multiple-sided freestanding units are located in high-traffic areas throughout airport terminals and concourses. Kiosk advertising may involve an interactive LCD touch screen. Kiosks may also serve a utilitarian purpose, offering a map of the terminal, dining options, and more.

HD Video Walls 

Video walls can display video, animations, or even social media feeds. They run on a loop that rotates through a certain number of advertising slots with equal airplay. If there are multiple unclaimed slots, an advertiser can receive more play time. In some cases, audio is available.  There is no additional cost for updating content.


As the name implies, spectaculars are often large-format illuminated signs located in some of the highest traffic areas of airports like main concourses and walkways. Sometimes they take up entire walls. There are also mini spectaculars.

Tension Fabric Displays

Tension fabric is a durable material stretched over a rigid frame. Tension fabric displays are available in a variety of sizes. Some placements, such as hanging banners, are double-sided.

Shuttles and Transit Stops

Airport shuttles and transit stops provide an additional avenue for advertisers to reach travelers who are on-the-go between terminals, airport parking lots, rental car facilities, and nearby hotels. Extend your reach beyond the airport’s interior by opting for shuttle wraps, benches, overhead compartments, and more.

Which Type of Airport Ad is Best?

As with any advertising format, there is no singular “best” airport ad option. The right fit for your brand will depend on your campaign goals as well as your budget and creative needs. If you anticipate wanting to change your creative during the campaign, a digital option can provide that flexibility at no additional cost.

If you want to ensure that your ad is located in an area with high dwell time, consider options located near ticketing areas, security checkpoints, gates, and baggage claims. You really can’t go wrong. 

For more personalized guidance, reach out to an Alluvit Media team member at (866) 499-3334.

How Much Does Airport Advertising Cost?

As an increasingly popular form of place-based advertising, it’s safe to assume that airport advertising costs are high. However, that’s not necessarily true. In fact, advertisers are often pleasantly surprised at how cost-effective different types of airport ads really are.

Airport advertising has some of the lowest cost per thousand impressions (CPM) when compared to other media types. At certain airports, price points can start as low as a couple hundred dollars per month and minimum term lengths may be as short as one month although we recommend running your ad for at least three months to maximize exposure.

A Media Coordinator can create a custom proposal based on your campaign goals with more precise pricing information.