Airport Advertising

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Airports aren't just transit hubs; they’re high-impact zones for advertisers seeking to reach a diverse audience. Advertising in airports places your brand in areas of high dwell time so you can be sure that people are seeing your ad.

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Our tailored airport advertising solutions empower your brand to soar above the clouds.

Benefits of Airport Ads

Broad Audiences
High Engagement
Global Exposure

Our Airport Advertising Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of airport advertising solutions designed to meet your unique marketing objectives.


Airports We Partner With

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We’re committed to delivering exceptional airport advertising experiences. We understand the unique environment of airports and how to craft messages that resonate with travelers. From planning to execution, we’re with you every step of the way.



Ads can be seen just about anywhere throughout airports, though options vary from airport to airport. Typically, there are ad placements in both pre-security and post-security areas, allowing advertisers to reach the maximum number of flyers. Possible placements include:

  • Ticketing areas
  • Baggage claims
  • Main concourses
  • Airport gates

When it comes to the types of airport displays offered, it varies depending on the airport. Here are a few examples of popular airport displays:

  • Digital signage - baggage claim
  • Backlit and edge-lit displays in terminals
  • Wall wraps and spectaculars
  • Tension fabric signage
  • Banners

Yes, the first right of refusal (FRR) is available to advertisers who book for at least a year. If the spot is still available after your campaign’s original end date, you can renew in the same location. Otherwise, you may need to transfer to another location.

Yes. In many cases, you can change the artwork at any time during your campaign on a digital display. We offer ad creative changes free of charge, unless otherwise stated in your contract.

Absolutely! When you work with Alluvit Media, you can take advantage of no-cost graphic design services. We work closely with you to ensure that your ad creative is something you’re proud to display.

Airport advertising may cost less than you think. Some options are available at a lower cost per thousand (CPM) impressions than other forms of outdoor media — given the consistently high volume of foot traffic in airports. Get in touch with a Media Coordinator for a no-obligation quote.