How Much Does a Billboard Cost in Los Angeles?

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Los Angeles billboard cost depicted by a board in the foreground with an orange panel and white dollar sign. A blue cityscape is in the background.

The City of Angels has long represented an opportunity for stardom for aspiring actors and creatives. But they’re not the only ones who can make it big in Los Angeles. Your brand can too! And the cost of a billboard in Los Angeles may be worth it when you consider the potential payoff.

With over 20,000 billboards across the city and more than 3.8 million LA residents, billboard advertising in Los Angeles provides an unparalleled chance for high visibility.

One study conducted on behalf of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) measured travelers’ engagement with roadside billboards. Among other findings, the study revealed that LA billboards spur action. For instance:

  • 54% of survey participants learned about an event they were interested in from a roadside billboard
  • 57% learned about or have been reminded to listen to a radio station
  • 56% were prompted to watch a television program
  • 37% learned about a store or restaurant they later visited

If you’re ready to hop on the Los Angeles billboard advertising train, you may be wondering how much a billboard in Los Angeles costs. We’ve compiled data from our Los Angeles inventory to provide you with more insight into LA billboard costs. 

When you’re ready to advertise in LA or anywhere else for that matter, give us a call for a custom proposal.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this post:

Los Angeles Billboard Cost Factors

The factors that influence the cost of a Los Angeles board are similar to those that dictate costs everywhere else.

Specific Location within Los Angeles

Anyone who has visited Los Angeles can attest to the fact that Los Angeles is a sprawling city with tons of different neighborhoods and advertising spaces. Naturally, billboards located in high-traffic areas with optimal visibility command premium prices. Those that can be seen from the freeway may be costly as well considering the massive impression count. You can also expect to pay more if your board is close to landmark attractions like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, or Santa Monica pier to name a few.

Size and Type of Billboard

With so many different types and sizes of billboards available in Los Angeles, cost can vary depending on your specific board. Some billboards options in LA include:

  • Bulletins: These large-format billboards (typically 14’ x 48’) are often situated in high-traffic areas like highways and main thoroughfares.
  • Posters: Also known as 30-sheets, these medium-sized billboards offer decent coverage across strategic locations.
  • Junior Posters: Smaller in size, junior posters are ideal for brands targeting specific neighborhoods or niche markets within LA.
  • Street Furniture: Though not technically a billboard, street furniture advertising is a solid option in LA given the number of bus shelters, benches, and transit station signage.

There are also an increasing number of digital billboards available in Los Angeles. Digital boards offer a number of advantages, including the ability to swap out your creative during your campaign — often for no additional cost.

Campaign Duration

The duration for a billboard campaign plays a role in pricing. Campaign minimums are typically four-weeks, but we often recommend that advertisers run their campaigns for at least 12-weeks to maximize exposure. In general, longer-term contracts can secure more cost-effective rates when compared to shorter-term rentals.


The fact that it doesn’t snow in Los Angeles means that there isn’t necessarily a “down season” for tourists, and foot/vehicular traffic. However, you can expect billboard prices to rise around major holidays or events (think Academy Awards, the Rose Parade, major sporting events, and concerts).

Demand and Competition

Los Angeles is a highly sought-after advertising location, attracting brands from all over the world. That said, demand-driven fluctuations in Los Angeles billboard costs are common, especially during high-profile events, product launches, or cultural moments.

Production and Installation Costs

Advertisers must account for additional expenses related to producing and installing the ad creative. Production costs are typically charged per square foot so the larger your LA billboard is, the higher the production cost may be. Keep in mind that digital boards do not have production costs.

Los Angeles Billboard Costs

We pulled some data on our LA billboard inventory to help you better understand how much a billboard costs in Los Angeles. Keep in mind that prices fluctuate on a regular basis so the following costs may be accurate today, but outdated tomorrow.

Billboard costs in Los Angeles can range anywhere from $2,500-$35,000 per month. The factors listed above will all play into exact costs. Here are some examples — note that the price estimates do not include production and installation costs.

Static billboard on Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

This bulletin located along Santa Monica Boulevard costs approximately $4,000 per four-week period. It is estimated to receive around 181,786 weekly impressions.

Static large-format billboard along Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

This bulletin located along Sunset Boulevard costs approximately $22,000 per four-week period. It is estimated to receive around 373,564 weekly impressions.

Vertically-oriented junior bulletin along Ivar Ave

This junior bulletin (measuring 10’ x 7’) located along Ivar Ave costs approximately $2,500 per four-week period. It is estimated to receive around 25,2111 weekly impressions.

Split image of 2 digital displays in North Hollywood

This digital network located in North Hollywood is a bundled package. Your ad will be in a circuit with a number of other advertisers across 2 digital spectaculars. Your ad can receive 10% Share of Voice (SOV) at 6 minutes/hour, 20% SOV at 12 minutes/hour, or even 30% SOV at 18 minutes/hour. Prices begin at $25,000 per four-week period and increase according to your SOV. One ad spot across the 2 placements is estimated to receive around 538,577 weekly impressions.

How to Launch a Los Angeles Billboard Campaign

When you’re ready to launch your campaign in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the nation, we’ve got you covered. Alluvit Media makes it simple to kick off the process by filling out a brief online form. Here’s what the general process will look like:

  1. Use the form to share a bit more about your campaign like the purpose, desired start date, and estimated budget
  2. Get connected with a dedicated media coordinator who will help you throughout your campaign
  3. Receive a custom, interactive proposal with ad placements in your target area
  4. Choose the option(s) that is best-suited for your goals
  5. Prepare your ad creative or solicit the help of an Alluvit Media graphic designer at no additional cost
  6. Await launch day!

Real-World Los Angeles Billboard Example

We’ve helped launch tons of billboard campaigns in Los Angeles, including the one below on behalf of the Law Offices of Jesse J. Banuelos. Based on the information provided by the advertiser, we crafted a proposal with over 25 boards for them to choose from. 

The advertiser selected two boards, one of which was along the Long Beach freeway and has an estimated weekly impression count of over 668,000. 

The campaign was set to run for four weeks although we were able to secure an additional three weeks free of charge. We worked closely with our in-house graphic designer to create an ad that aligned with the advertiser’s vision.

Highway billboard in Los Angeles